Saturday, June 8, 2013

Days, Hours, Minutes

Living in the moment with my little girl is the best I can do. She is my light when I am in a dark place, my comfort when I need her. She is the one making sure that I don't sink into a deep hole. Planning activities for her summer vacation, shopping for school clothes, cooking for the 2 of us is keeping me sane. 
Since she came home last Monday, we have done so much together. Today being the big day of the week, we had her Baseball party, she is so proud of her trophy! Then we went to start school clothes shopping, she in true diva form got tons of pink and black because what else would a diva wear! She is still excited about the prospect of a baby in our little world, which I am glad of. 
I have found myself in a place of deep reflection, how am I going to manage raising 2 children by myself? I know there are many many women who do it, but I never thought I would be there in my life. Shane and I were a team. In discipline, in support, in love toward our daughter. Also, there is the yard work, the house work, the home repair, everything, instead of relying on each other there is only me now. 
Now that things have began to calm down and I don't have as many things to do I don't know what to do with myself. Learning to live for myself is probably the hardest thing ever. 

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